Western Australian Sport Horse Association Inc.

A registry for equines in Western Australia.


Open to any horse regardless of breed type. height or colour. 

Colt Foal Recording: Applications for Colt Foal recording will be accepted as long as the horse is under the age of 3. There is no charge for an upgrade to gelding registration for horses previously Colt Foal recorded.

The Stud Book for Adult Registered Horses will be split into the following Classes: 

Stud Book Class A: For horses known by the association and/or by a recognised stud book and known to be of a high standard and their progeny. 

Stud Book Class B: Horses that are not known or by a recognised breed stud book, which have passed any test required by the association. (may be upgraded to class A at the discretion of the committee.)  

Breeding Stock for any mare who will not be shown, may have retired from showing or be unable to be shown due to injury. 

IDENTFICATION: All horses must have a registered brand or must be microchipped or have been DNA test number. 
PHOTOS: All application for registration and colt foal recording must be accompanied by (1) one photo left side with head facing the camera and all four lower legs showing. (This photo will be on the registration certificate. Plus photo’s of any white marks, brands or scarring etc.
CLASSIFICATION: Some horses may require a physical Inspection by WASHA approved Classifier. In cases where distance is too great, a video of the horse may be submitted, showing all markings and showing the horse being led out at walk, trotted across and straight back to the camera.
STALLION REGISTRATION: For all horses to be Stallion registered, a Veterinary Report is required confirming both testicles are descended into the scrotum. Confirmation of such report from a vet done for other breed societies recognised by WASHA or sire registration with that society will be accepted. 
Applications  for Registration by Members are to be made to the Secretary/Registrar on forms supplied by the Association, each application shall be submitted on the prescribed form on the Forms page.
FEES All applications for Registration and Colt Foal recording shall be accompanied by a prescribed fee.  

TESTING: A genetic test for hereditary disorders may be requested of any horse submitted for registration prior to or after the horse has been accepted for registration. 
A vet certificate confirming hereditary soundness may be requested by the committee to accompany applications for registration with one photo of the horse signed by the vet. (f) Equine DNA Hair Colour tests may be requested of any horse submitted for registration prior to or after the horse has been accepted for registration. 

BREED TYPE/CATEGORIES: Horses will be categorised into types: 
'General' will be split by height and weight(bone) and accepted breeding registration acknowledged.
Specific breed types will be categorised; Warmblood, Western, etc. 
The categories will be set to suit that type of animal and modified as the registry develops. 
Colour categories will also be set which will help animals not well represented in WA.